How To Remove Moles In 3 Days!

Dear Fellow Mole Sufferer,

If you've been thinking about mole removal and have found this site, it is obvious that you have at least one mole that bothers you enough that you are looking for some way to get rid of it. 

So, what are your options?  Well, you can always go to your dermatologist and have it surgically removed.  But I am sure you are here because cutting, large scars and paying over $100 to remove ONE mole doesn’t appeal to you.

From the pictures below, I think it’s obvious you may want to find a different alternative.


Surgery is no longer the only option for mole removal!

So what else is there?  Well, you can always burn them off and spend a fortune on laser treatments. Or you can discover the natural secret that is making surgery and even laser treatments obsolete.

This underused natural herb is more what mother nature intended when it comes to mole removal.  Many people do not realize that there are methods of natural mole removal that are as simple as applying an all-natural herbal paste to their mole and having them disappear without having to undergo any cutting or burning.  Sounds Amazing, almost too good to be true, right?

So why haven’t you heard about this from your dermatologist or doctor?  Well, the only thing I can think of is; it is either a matter of money, or the simple fact that they are not schooled in herbal and natural medicine.  They are only schooled in the conventional ways like prescribing drugs or using scalpels to eliminate “offenders”.  This, unfortunately, makes them unaware of any other forms of mole removal.

As far as the money goes, think about it.  Every time someone goes in to have a mole removed, a dermatologist can charge as high as $150 per mole, and you are in and out in no time.  They numb the area, cut out a chunk of skin and stitch you back up.  It’s simple, cheap, and quick for the doctor, but pricey and painful for you.

So What Is This All Natural Alternative To Mole Removal

Well, the herb is called Sanguineria Canadensis, and the American Indians were using it for hundreds of years on various skin conditions.  Passed down through the generations it became well known for removing mole, warts, and even skin tags.

The herb alone can take months to work effectively, but back then I am sure they were a bit more patient then we are today.  So the trick was to increase the effectiveness of this miracle herb and make it work almost immediately.

Luckily with today's modern science we came up with just the formula and it's called, DermaTend®.  This revolutionary all natural mole removal formula is guaranteed to remove your embarrassing moles in as little as 3 days!

Clinic Tested, Doctor Recommended, this breakthrough formula uses organic, all natural ingredients to safely remove your moles at home.  DermaTend® works wonders on moles of all shapes and sizes, whether flat or raised, on your face or in sensitive areas.

Simply apply DermaTend® your mole and watch it disappear!  It really is amazing!

Mole Before Treatment

Mole With DermaTend®

Mole After DermaTend®!


Best of all, the moles you remove will NEVER come back.  So you can be mole free for the rest of your life.  

Oh... And did we tell you DermaTend® works great on skin tags and warts, too.  You have finally found nature’s answer to safe, easy mole removal.  And it is now affordable for everyone to enjoy mole free skin.

Let’s face it.  You are here because you have at least one mole that bothers you.  Take this first step, and we promise you - you will be amazed or you won’t pay a dime.

DermaTend Works Or It's FREE!

Listen, we can tell you all day how well DermaTend® works, but we know you have no reason to believe us and every right to be skeptical.

That's why we want to make this a risk-free decision by giving you a rare 60-day Money Back Guarantee: Try DermaTend® for 60 days and If you haven't successfully removed your moles, warts or skin tags, simply send back the empty tube and we'll refund 100% of your purchase. It's that easy with nothing to lose.


($20.00 Value)

FREE DermaTend® Quick Healing Balm
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That’s right!  When you order Extra Strength DermaTend® you'll receive our world famous Quick Healing Balm.  Hand crafted by Mount of Olives Soaps, this powerful healing balm was specifically designed to work with DermaTend® to quicken the mole removal process and increase your skins ability to heal.  Hurry only a limited number of healing balms available.


Removes Up To 30 Unwanted Moles

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Safe, Natural and Easy To Apply
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Removes Up To 15 Unwanted Moles

New & Improved Extra Strength Formula
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Safe, Natural and Easy To Apply
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Removes Up To 4 Unwanted Moles

Original DermaTend® Formula
See Results In 3 to 10 Days
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Only $39.95

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Forget About Removing Moles With Surgery or Lasers...

For Removing Moles DermaTend® has proven itself time and time again as the absolute, stand-alone method for natural mole removal.  Take this opportunity to make a change in your life and you will gain more than just beautiful skin.

Aaron Lilly (former mole sufferer)
Creator of DermaTend®

P.S. All DermaTend® Ultra orders will receive our world famous DermaTend® Quick Healing Balm.  Hand crafted by Mount of Olives Soap Company, this powerful healing balm was specifically designed to work with DermaTend® and will quicken the mole removal process while increasing your skins ability to heal.  This is our gift to you as a thank you for ordering.

DermaTend 60 Day Guarantee

P.P.S. Remember, DermaTend® comes with our generous 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.  All orders can be returned for a FULL refund within 60 days of your purchase, even if the tube is empty.  Try DermaTend® today, you have absolutely nothing to lose except those moles that have embarrassed you for the last time!

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